Morristown Mixed Martial Arts Kids Promoted/2 Week FREE Trial

5 students in the kids mma/grappling program at Fortress Mixed Martial Arts in Morristown earned stripes on their belts Saturday morning.

As white belts, children earn their stripes by demonstrating proficiency in various takedowns drawn from judo and wrestling, submissions from brazilian jiu-jitsu and submission wrestling, sweeps, escapes and reversals as well as other various grappling skills. Testing is NOT easy and passing is certainly not guaranteed. We want our students to feel REAL accomplishment, not the false “everyone wins no matter what” accomplishment of some sports and activities.

As yellow belts, testing becomes even more difficult as children are required to perform hundreds of repetitions of their mixed martial arts skills in order to build muscle memory that can stand up to the rigors and stress of competition.

Continue below the break to view the proud testers and to learn more about our FREE two week trial of mixed martial arts training here in Morristown, TN for kids and adults.

Congratulations to:

  • Genevia Leonard – 1st Stripe White Belt
  • Poojan Shah – 1st Stripe Yellow Belt
  • Darshan Shah – 1st Stripe Yellow Belt
  • Billy Wolfe – 1st Stripe Yellow Belt
  • Cassidy Wolfe – 1st Stripe Yellow Belt

Children training mixed martial arts in Morristown, TN promoted to next level.

If you are interested in Mixed Martial Arts training for you or your child, please give us a call ASAP at 423-587-3755 to get started, or click the link below for more info:


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