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Wow – did you watch the Strikeforce Championships Saturday night on Showtime?!?!

Lots of great fights. It was cool to see former BJJ World Champion “Jacare” Souza get a win with a slick arm triangle submission in his fight. But the highlight of the evening, the fight everyone was waiting for was Rousey vs. Tate.

Ronda Rousey is a former Judo Olympian, so her takedown and submission skills are world class. Once she got Tate down on the ground it was only a matter of time before something bad was going to happen, and not to Rousey.

Good grief, that armbar was sick! Congrats to Rousey on her new title.

The armbar is just one of the many submissions we work on a regular basis here in Morristown at Fortress Mixed Martial Arts. It’s a high percentage submission, and one that every fighter should drill, drill, drill constantly.

As a matter of fact, Morristown instructor Steven Haag won his mma debut a few years back with an armbar submission from the guard. Check out the video below:


If you are looking for a great place in Morristown, TN to study submission grappling, brazilian jiu-jitsu or mixed martial arts, you definitely need to give us a try. We will give you two weeks to try any of our programs, hassle-free. Just give us call at (423) 587-7355, or come by and see us. For more info you can click on the link below:

Mixed Martial Arts And Submission Grappling Training In Morristown, TN

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