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Interested in training Mixed Martial Arts (aka MMA) in Morristown, TN?


Hey – don’t get taken in by a bunch of karate or Tae Kwon Do guys jumping on the popularity of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and MMA in general. There are way too many people out there trying to make a quick buck by watching some dvd’s or attending a weekend seminar in order to get “certified.” Make sure you find an instructor that has been training in the components of MMA over the long haul, things like wrestling, submission grappling, bjj (brazilian jiu-jitsu) and kickboxing.

Despite the popularity of Lyoto Machida, karate does NOT translate well to MMA (a lot of people forget that Machida has a BJJ Black Belt.)

Even worse, watch out for the “fight club” atmosphere of the guys training in their garage. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve trained in plenty of garages – but with well known, top flight instructors. Watching a lot of MMA on tv and then hitting each other really hard in a garage does not make people real fighters or instructors.

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